Joel Chan (陳山聰) and Selena Lee (李施嬅) are currently filming TVB new drama, Barrack O’Karma 2 (金宵大廈2). At night on 21st September, the reporters discovered both were filming intimate scenes and Selena wore a sexy nightwear, while crying in front of the camera.

Joel laughed and said: “In the first season, I keep walking around and we do not get to see each other. Thus, we decide to focus on the main point and continue the story. (You are a married man and father now.) I have no burden and have done everything now. (Did your wife visit you at the set?) Nope. She is busy taking care of her son.”

Selena pointed it was a big challenge to shoot episode 19 on the first day at the set: “It is very difficult. Previously, I play 2 roles and have no idea about this time. Anyway, I need to think of more stories so as to differentiate from my previous role.”

Joel added the sequel was based on a new plot which happened in the building and their roles as pilot and air stewardess were unrelated to the first season.