On 21st September, Ashley Chu (朱智賢) is active on Instagram again and showed photo of herself swimming with her puppies, Donut and Romeo at the beach.

It won compliments from the netizens and they rooted for her: “Hope to see you soon! Fighting!” Some said: “Is the puppy named Jackson Lai (黎振燁)?” Ashley’s boyfriend Brian Tse (謝東閔) also asked her: “Where is Romeo?” In the photo, Ashley and Donut are in the water but Romeo prefers to stay dry.

Source: https://www.hk01.com/%E5%8D%B3%E6%99%82%E5%A8%9B%E6%A8%82/526377/%E6%9C%B1%E6%99%BA%E8%B3%A2%E9%87%8D%E9%96%8Big%E8%88%87%E6%84%9B%E7%8A%AC%E6%9A%A2%E6%B3%B3-%E7%94%B7%E5%8F%8B%E8%AC%9D%E6%9D%B1%E9%96%94%E7%95%99%E8%A8%80%E6%8F%90%E5%8F%8A%E4%B8%80%E5%80%8B%E7%94%B7%E4%BA%BA%E5%90%8D