On 23rd September, TVB actress Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) showed photo of herself looking at the sea at her home through Instagram.

She posted a message: “I can treat it as a vacation even at home. Eating pancakes, drinking coffee and reading books in the morning.” Based on understanding, Katy stays in a flat facing the sea at Tseung Kwan O.

In the photo, Katy is dressed in a white vest revealing her fit body figure. It also won compliments from Grace Chan (陳凱琳): “I like!” Subsequently, she replied to Grace: “Come visit me again!”

Source: https://www.hk01.com/%E5%8D%B3%E6%99%82%E5%A8%9B%E6%A8%82/527342/%E5%A4%9A%E5%9C%96-%E9%BE%94%E5%98%89%E6%AC%A3%E6%9B%AC%E5%AE%B6%E4%B8%AD%E8%B1%AA%E8%8F%AF%E6%B5%B7%E6%99%AF%E9%99%B3%E5%87%B1%E7%90%B3%E6%BF%80%E8%AE%9A-%E5%A7%8B%E7%B5%82%E4%B8%8D%E5%8F%8A%E5%B0%8F%E8%83%8C%E5%BF%83%E5%90%B8%E7%9D%9B