Ali Lee (李佳芯), Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and Billy Luk (陸永) filmed TVB new drama (智能愛(AI)人) a few days ago. The scene illustrated Crystal tried to attack Ali in front of her lover, Billy. As Ali is suspected to be “frozen” by TVB due to political issues last year, it is definite she will put in full efforts in this series.

Ali expressed it was exhausting to play a robot as there were many action scenes and she had to stand straight: “I have to remind myself frequently that I am a robot and speak in a stiff manner. Other than complicated dialogues, I need to have a fertile imagination for other scenes so as to achieve best effects. Honestly speaking, I am still unused to this image and hopefully the audiences will like it.”

Ali added she went for cornea surgery previously and had to wear coloured contact lenses during the shooting: “The doctor advised me not to wear contact lenses and I will remove it even during a break for an hour only. My eyes will become dry if wearing more than half a day. (Worry about side effects?) I cannot think too much. Wearing contact lenses helps to make my robot role realistic and I will be extra careful.”

Other than that, Ali begins to shoot commercials lately: “I am always busy whenever filming drama and hope the audiences will love my role. It is what I wish to do and luck is not within my control. (Move to Sai Kung to change your luck?) It has been sometime now. I love to stay at home during my free time so I believe it is unrelated to luck.”