A few days ago on Instagram, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) announced he proposed marriage to Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) successfully in Canada in September 2019. She wore a 3 Carat diamond ring and showed beautiful photos lately.

On 25th September, Bowie uploaded photo of herself in transparent top and posted an online message: “Love to keep it as a memory. It resembles to parent taking photos of their children as they grow up quickly. It is myself in 2020 and I will remember it.” It won compliments from many celebrities and Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) said: “It is difficult to remember it.” Jazz Lam (林子善) said: “Looks stylish.”

Source: https://www.hk01.com/%E5%8D%B3%E6%99%82%E5%A8%9B%E6%A8%82/528532/%E5%A4%9A%E5%9C%96-%E5%BC%B5%E5%AF%B6%E5%85%92%E5%B0%BA%E5%BA%A6%E5%A4%A7%E9%96%8B%E5%86%8D%E6%9B%AC%E9%80%8F%E8%A6%96%E7%9B%B8-%E5%A5%BD%E5%A5%BD%E8%A8%98%E4%BD%8F2020%E5%B9%B4%E7%9A%84%E8%87%AA%E5%B7%B1