A Chinese reality show (奮鬥吧主播) invites Ada Choi (蔡少芬), Monica Chan (陳法蓉), Michelle Ye (葉璇), Kabby Hui (許雅婷), Rain Li (李彩華) and 25 female artistes in the live broadcast. After challenging for 3 months, a group is formed in the final.

A few days ago, a video showing Monica and Michelle were chatting at the set went viral. They patted each other faces lightly and hugged together. It is uncertain if both feel too excited upon seeing each other as they kneeled down while chatting, and greeted the juniors who stood behind them.

It becomes a heated discussion and the netizens asked: “Is this a greeting method? What are they doing? It is making us confused. Is the curse still ongoing?”

Apparently, Monica played Michelle’s foster mother in Chinese drama, Royal Swordsmen (天下第一) and it is believed they are good friends.

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