Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Chinese actress Yang Mi (楊冪) begin to date after participating in Chinese drama, Ruyi (如意) in 2011. After 2 years later, they registered their marriage in Mainland China followed by in Hong Kong in 2014. However, they announced their divorce news on Weibo in 2018 and their daughter, little sticky rice (小糯米) continues to stay in Hong Kong with Hawick and her grandparent. Hence, Yang Mi will either use video camera to communicate with her daughter or travel to Hong Kong to visit her.

Little sticky rice is currently 6 year old and her looks is exposed to the public. Recently, a Chinese variety show is rumoured to invite Hawick and his daughter to make an appearance together with an attractive remuneration and his work studio is quite interested. In addition, both sing together in her school previously and it wins applauses from the audiences. However, it creates a conflict between Hawick and Yang Mi.

Apparently, Yang Mi disagrees with little sticky rice’s exposure to the entertainment industry at a young age and worries about her safety. Hence, she always uses her hands to block the camera whenever the media tries to take photos, but Hawick has a different perspective. During a previous interview, Yang Mi said: “I will say no forever if someone invites my daughter and me to the show together. I have no secret now and only wish to protect my family.” She also tries to prevent little sticky rice’s voice is leaked out.

Based on the information, Hawick and Yang Mi have a serious argument related to their daughter’s appearance in the show. When checked with Hawick, he said: “Yang Mi and I are fine. I have no intention to join the bonding program with my daughter at all.”

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