Since announcing their romance, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and his girlfriend Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) show their love in the air frequently and have met their parents long ago. The public is waiting for their good news since Roxanne perceives Kenneth as her marriage partner.

A few days ago, the media discovered both were looking at the flats in Repulse Bay and Roxanne seemed very interested. According to a news source, she has been monitoring the property market in Hong Kong Island as Kenneth’s family stay at Taikoo Shing. During an interview with HK01 (香港01), Kenneth replied it happened several months ago: “We look around since walking past and it is nothing special.”

When asked if they had intention for cohabitation, Kenneth ignored it but responded about Roxanne’s weight: “The photos are taken a few months ago and she has lost substantial weight. Roxanne has to maintain her body figure because of her work.” It is definite that Kenneth is a good boyfriend who protects his partner.