In the episode in Iron Ladies (熟女強人) drama broadcasted on 6th October, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) told her husband Chu Pak Hong (朱栢康) about her unhappiness and her acting skills won compliments from her relatives and friends. She said: “I feel happy to receive praises especially from friends whom I seldom contact. My hubby said it is very touching and exciting.”

Myolie recalled it was suffering during the shooting and dared not cause NG because of the lengthy dialogue: “After rehearsing once, Pak Hong and I sit together to cultivate the feelings. Due to the equipment problem, we wait for a long time and adrenaline causes stomachache which causes me nauseous. This scene is wrapped up within 2 takes and the director is satisfied.”

In addition, Myolie pointed her filming partner, Pak Hong gave her confidence and said: “I have absolute trust in him. This scene illustrates we have been keeping our inner feelings to ourselves until releasing it at that moment. I am very angry with my husband and need to make a decision quickly. (How is your communication with your hubby, Philip Lee (李乘德) in reality?) We chat together everyday and honesty and communication are the most important.”