Celine Harto (陳楨怡) is crowned first runner-up in 2020 Ms Hong Kong pageant and exposed for having a daddy who is a wealthy businessman in Indonesia. She lives in Causeway Bay and has a private chauffeur. During an interview with TVB Entertainment News (娛樂新聞台) earlier, Celine went for water skiing with the host, Leonard Cheng (鄭衍峰) and looked different even with light makeup.

During the final in beauty pageant, Celine resembles a fairy when playing piano and it turns out she is good in sports as well. Although she looks professional and smiles sweetly while skiing with Leonard, but Celine’s appearance frightens the netizens. They asked: “Are her eyes alright? She looks unpleasant with one line only. Is she sleepy?” The netizens also pointed the production team gave a gentle reminder to Celine. When mentioned that Leonard resembled a South Korean man, Celine said: “I do not think so but someone speaks to me in Korean language when holidaying at the time.”

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