Lately, 49-year-old Pinky Cheung (張文慈) is addicted to TikTok and treats it as a joke when the netizens make fun of her Mandarin. During a wedding photo shoot earlier, she said she wanted to be someone’s wife and lashed out at the netizens for calling her old. That netizen said: “Wife? You can be a granny now!”

Subsequently, Pinky felt weird and said: “I am currently 49 year old and can’t I get married at this age? I can even settle down at 80 year old. Is it a problem? Anyway, it is hard to say if I can live until that age and what matters most is maintaining a positive mindset. I like one of the messages that there is no targeted age to get married but only crossing to the next stage when your Mr Right appears. Anyone who is currently single, please do not make an impulse decision simply because of someone makes fun of you. Living happily is the most important and I will only settle down upon meeting my Mr Right.”