Louis Yuen (阮兆祥) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) discussed about their betrayal experiences in the show (雙祥見). Wayne recalled of the main leads and other cast team members were together frequently and one actor made lots of demands in the production, and all team members were forced to accept the new arrangements as a result.

However, the news was leaked out during the shooting and it became a news article. He said: “The title is about somebody is a fussy actor. Is he Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華)? Of course not. It causes lots of troubles once the news is released. Many people assume I am the one who said it but I know I am not and someone is behind it. (Why did he assume you are the culprit?) It is obvious from his speech.”

Hence, Wayne was totally clueless and discovered another actor was the culprit after conducting an investigation. When Louis kept asking Wayne for additional details, he said loudly: “Do you need to ask many questions?” Louis then explained he wanted the audiences to guess the identity of that actor by asking more clues.

Subsequently, Louis disclosed he liked a girl from another class during his schooling days. He discovered that girl stayed in the same building as his good friend and told him to help to find out more details. However, Louis was crtiticised by him upon checking with him.

Until one day, Louis discovered that friend and girl were chatting happily when going to school. He decided to check with him again and said: “Yes. You better give up as that girl is a lesbian. So I ask him if he is certain and has become a female. After that, I turn and leave immediately. Honestly speaking, I feel disgusted by his actions.”

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