Maggie Cheung (張可頤) establishes great rapport with child actor Juji after participating in ViuTV new drama, Single Papa (暖男爸爸) earlier. Both are invited to film insurance advertisement together and Maggie praised Juju was a potential actor at the press conference on 15th October. The backend staff and Maggie discovered Juju knew how to use eye expressions for acting and it resembles Tony Leung (梁朝偉).

Maggie disclosed the shooting commenced during the virus period in April and they wore face masks, and she felt glad it was wrapped up smoothly: “I understand life is unpredictable and worry about troubling my family if something happens to me. Hence, I will buy insurance as safety precaution. (Looking for a boyfriend as an insurance?) The romance might not last forever but not insurance. Love is beautiful yet fragile at the same time.”

Subsequently, Magge rejected to reveal her suitors and emphasised she had many male and female friends: “I believe friendship is stronger than relationship and happy with my current status, but want to date though. (Any female suitors?) No idea. Anyway, let nature take its course.”