Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) expressed she was unfamiliar with Jennifer Yu (余香凝) and unaware of her marriage announcement until reading the news at an event on 15th October. She said: “I know she is dating and have not seen her boyfriend yet. I am unclear if she is pregnant but know that she wants to settle down. I wish to get married too but have not found my Mr Right yet. Most of my friends are married and it is hard for them to introduce guys to me.”

When mentioned about reducing weight, Rose explained she stopped eating rice and carbohydrate food and drinking frizzy and alcoholic beverages: “I love to eat those food that artistes dislike to eat. Initially, I did lose my temper and it is hard to resist snacks.” Rose added she weighed 140 pound previously and had lost around 10 pound now: “My weight is 125 pound now. I used to eat more than 10 crabs and reduce to 3 crabs now.”

Asking if Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) praised she slimmed down, Rose said: “Why do you keep mentioning about him? He will not praise me out of a sudden. Bosco and I did meet up while working and have stopped during the virus period. We do not really keep in close contact.”