TVB new drama, Line Walker: Bull Fight (使徒行者3) premieres on my TV SUPER, Chinese and overseas television stations. However, Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) is disappeared from the introduction of the cast members list and posters after shooting for a month last year. He is rumoured to be removed from the cast team due to slamming by Chinese netizens, after urging the citizens to vote in last July.

During an event on 16th July, Pak Ho emphasised he made a cameo appearance and the scene lasted for around 10 seconds: “I feel unhappy once knowing about it as it is fake news. I have no idea about the outcome after editing and it does not matter if my scenes are removed, as it is cameo appearance only.”

When mentioned about his role was taken out because of political issues, Pak Ho replied he understood the public’s perception and emphasised he received invitations for stage performances in Mainland China all along: “Earlier, I have 2 drama and films airing in China followed by several movies. I need to self-isolate for 28 days if working in China and it is meaningless because of an activity. It is worth it if staying for 3 months and I do not want to stay apart from my family for too long. I am the man of the house and help my daughter to take shower.”

In addition, Pak Ho stressed that he was not involved in politics: “In this current era, one will be scolded even when standing or sitting down. I am quite frightened so become less active on social media. At the time, my family and colleagues are worried about me and I begin to cry, after receiving my fans’ supports. Anyway, it does not bother me especially after becoming a father. Right now, I will proofread my messages before posting it.”