Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡) is heavily groomed by TVB and her popularity has been increasing since crowning the champion in Ms Hong Kong Pageant. When mentioned about TVB was making arrangements for her to participate in new drama, Lisa replied she had no idea at an event on 14th October: “It depends on TVB. I wish to film series and feel my Cantonese has some problems, despite seeing some improvements. I believe TVB has not made any arrangements yet but I would love to shoot drama as it is fun.”

In addition, Lisa takes note of her body figure all along. Maria Cordero (肥媽) advised her the best diet method and Lisa confessed it was very suffering during the pageant. She said: “I am less stringent to myself now. I will eat bread in the morning followed by fruits such as mango in the afternoon, and eat different food for dinner. I even have steamboat 2 days ago.