Ms Hong Kong Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡) is born in Scotland and grows up in a small town called Biggar. She said: “I see many sheep and cows at the grassland once walking out from the house. It is a small town with hundreds of people and there is a bigger town around 2 thousand people, after walking for 10 minutes.”

What makes 25-year-old Lisa finds it hard to adjust is not the buzzing city and fast pace in Hong Kong but applying makeup everyday: “In Scotland, I go to work immediately after brushing my teeth and washing my face. I only know how to use concealer and foundation after arriving in Hong Kong. I am currently learning to apply lipstick.”

Because of her work nature, Lisa has to adapt to new arrangements and wishes to retain her true personality: “I told myself I must retain my original character and continues with my favourite hobby when participating in the pageant. I do not care if people dislike me.”

In the beginning of the interview, Lisa took photos and showed Ms Hong Kong pose immediately. Hence, her manager told the photographer to teach Lisa to show different poses. Although she has arrived in Hong Kong for nearly 6 months, but Lisa is trying hard to accept her celebrity identity: “As a nurse in the past, I will do patient care and go into the operation theatre. I am clueless at applying makeup and look awful after that. Thus, I decide not to apply any makeup but have to set my hairstyle and apply makeup at home for an interview everyday. I am trying to get used to it and it is quite fun though. Well, I might apply makeup when going out in the future.”

Apparently, Lisa’s father hoped she will participate in Ms Hong Kong pageant and she did reveal that it was one of the reasons during the final round: “At 5 year old, my father takes me out and many people praise I look cute. He asks me if I am interested to join the pageant since little and has the same question every year. At 17 year old, I reject to return to Hong Kong when my father asks me. 3 years ago, I refuse again as my heart is not ready until thinking of setting a challenge in 2020.”

Although Lisa is only 25 year old and does not really have an enriching life, but she has a major car accident at 17 year old: “It happens too fast and is very scary. My shoulder continues to feel slight pain until now.” Besides that, Lisa also witnesses new born and death in operation theatre: “There is lots of blood when a woman is giving birth to a baby but it does not frighten me, even when there are many equipment in front of me. I give the tools to the doctor and it is a different feeling overall. Because of my experiences, I learn to live my life to the fullest and one might be knock down by a bus on the following day, after waking up today. Anyway, life is unpredictable.”

In addition, Lisa has one lover in the past only and is not in a hurry to date: “I have no plans to date and wish to do something that I like. I am a straightforward person and dislikes troubles. He does not need to be good looking but a sense of humour and makes me happy.” It is definite that Lisa has exquisite facial features and having a straightforward personality makes the public love her. However, some contestants treat the pageant as an examination and even “revise” by looking at previous pageants information such as best performance and answer to the hosts’ questions. Lisa said: “I did watch Ms Hong Kong pageant but not learning to answer the questions as the audiences are intelligent and can see that it is fake.”