Moka Fang (方媛) and her husband Aaron Kwok (郭富城) have 2 daughters, Chantelle and Charlotte after married. Other than looking care of her family in Hong Kong, she also uploaded her own Vlog to share her daily routines on Instagram. A few days ago, Moka went to a hair salon after taking her kids to the school.

During the hair colouring process, Moka asked the hairstylist about the process duration repeatedly as she needed to fetch her children from the school. It shows she is a good mother. As Moka pointed her head looked big, the hairstylist said: “Nope. Your head is small and you are too skinny.” In addition, Moka revealed her weight accidentally and weighed around 93.7 pound. She wrote: “Do you feel my face looks puffy?” Although Moka appears to be unhappy with her weight, but she is considered thinner when compared to many female artistes.