46-year-old Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and 33-year-old Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) receive blessings from the public after announcing their romance in June. According to a news source on 27th June, Kenneth had proposed marriage to Roxanne successfully and will be tying the knot in early 2021.

Based on the information, both are currently making preparations and TVB has contacted the sponsors for the wedding. Roxanne’s father, Tong Chun Chung (湯鎮宗) bought a villa, Lily Avenue at Ma On Shan under Roxanne name as her wedding present.

When HK01 (香港01) checked with Kenneth, he replied: “Nope. I have no wedding plans at the moment.” Roxanne felt shocked and said: “Huh? I already clarified previously yet the rumours spread again? Honestly speaking, I have no idea what I should say now and we will definitely make an announcement if it is true. We date for several months only and please give us some privacy.” Finally, both felt helpless about their wedding bells rumours.

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