Deric Wan (溫兆倫) will be turning 56 year old on 18th November. A long ago, he reduces his on-screen appearances in Hong Kong and develops his acting career in Mainland China. Deric plays Tik Tok and maintains interactions with the netizens frequently. Although he is more popular in China and has a huge fanbase in Tik Tok, but the netizens criticise Deric looks old.

Hence, Deric begins to train in gym and tries to recover his dashing looks again. A few days ago, he uploaded a video on Tik Tok and it was evident that Deric had lost weight. He said: “Youngsters, let’s become healthy and handsome again! #losing weight” Deric added that he could look better and the netizens praised he looked dashing and young again. Finally, he explained he lost weight because of health.