Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) sang the theme song (仲夏陽光) of Japanese drama, Natsuzora (夏空) broadcasting on Hong Kong Open TV. She also filmed MV and described Natsuzora series resembled Oshin (阿信的故事) drama. The plot illustrates a woman is fighting for her dream and Shirley felt it was similar to her experiences. She said: “I wish to sing, act and have children and all are granted now. However, I need to continue to develop my career and take care of my kids well.”

Subsequently, Shirley confessed two children were sufficient and had no intention to have another baby again. When asked about her husband’s identity, she replied: “He feels shy and works in another sector. I respect his decision.” Shirley pointed her 8-month-old son was healthy and hyperactive: “He begins to call daddy, mummy, sister and granny now. The entire house is very lively.”