In 2019, 39-year-old Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) was exposed for dating Sarika Choy’s (蔡宛珊) ex husband, Raymond Young (楊偉文) and their bed photos were leaked out. At the time, she was pointed as the third party until Sarika clarified Raymond and she had filed for divorce. Subsequently, Elaine announced she had broken up with Raymond but both had reconciled secretly long ago.

Recently, Elaine and Raymond deliberately go out together at night as the streets are less crowded and she is known as “night time girlfriend” (夜更女友). As her career is nearly destroyed previously, Elaine handles her romance with extra caution this time.

However, Raymond continues to meet other girls behind Elaine’s back. A woman named Diva (許珮榆) participates in ViuTV reality show, The Queen of D.n.A (美選D.n.A) is seen biting and touching his ears and he gives her a lift to Wan Chai thereafter.

During an interview, Diva clarified she treated Raymond as a “brother” and they were not touching each other hands, but seeing the palms only. She was unaware of his love life as well. When Elaine was asked about the reconciliation with Raymond, she said: “No reply to personal affairs. Thank you for the concern.”