Raymond Lam (林峯) and Carina Zhang (張馨月) have been showing their love in the air frequently, after announcing their marriage news in end 2019. Subsequently, she gives birth to a baby girl in September and they have a blissful family. As Raymond comes from an incredibly wealthy family, the public assume she is a gold digger but it turns out Carina’s mother is considered a prominent figure.

Raymond’s father is one of the biggest property developers in Xiamen and has businesses in building materials, engineering, shopping mall and others. Although Carina is perceived to have a normal background and works as a car model previously, but both are introduced to each other from their parents. Within 2 years, she builds good bonding with his family and marries Raymond and the credit goes to her mother, Wang Shu Hong (王書紅).

Shu Hong is rumoured to train her daughter since young. Other than having good culinary skills, she arranged Carina to join beauty pageants to increase her popularity. Shu Hong was also known as China’s “F&B Queen” and pointed to have a net worth of “hundreds of billions of dollars”. However, she failed to sustain the business and it went into disarray quickly, and had intention to make a comeback.

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