Lately, selling and buying becomes popular through online streaming in Mainland China. It becomes a Chinese variety show (奮鬥吧主播) and heated discussion. Other than Chinese artistes, it invites Hong Kong stars such as Michelle Ye (葉璇), Ada Choi (蔡少芬), Rain Li (李彩華) and Monica Chan (陳法蓉) as the guests.

In the first episode, Michelle caught everyone’s attention and several female celebrities got up and applauded once making an appearance. She then smiled and waved at everybody. As Ada and Michelle were from Hong Kong, she kept waving hands at Michelle but she nodded her head only. Hence, Ada felt slightly disappointed and whispered to herself: “No wonder she is the chairman of a listed company.” As a result, many netizens remarked Michelle behaved like a big shot.

Besides that, Michelle could not find the staircase to the live streaming room and interrupted Huang Yi’s (黃奕) live streaming without knocking on the door. Huang Yi felt helpless and replied she had no idea as well. After a short while, Michelle went into Huang Yi’s room and asked about the door again. Hence, Huang Yi looked unhappy and told one of the staff to show her the direction.

During the show, Michelle appeared to lost to Huang Yi during the selling section and was dissatisfied with the results. She said: “It should be fair and square. Do you understand?” Immediately, Huang Yi showed a black face and rebutted: “It is obvious! What do you mean that I should not win? You are too much.” Michelle said it again: “Do you dare to show it?” Huang Yi responded: “Yes, I show it to you now!” Ada and Rain were shocked and speechless.

Finally, top Chinese star He Jie (何潔) confessed she felt frightened when facing Michelle: “Because she is too daring.” Michelle said in a program previously: “My friends describe me as a daring person and I do not think anything will make me feel scared.”