Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) is married and returns to work after resting for a day. As a married man, it was his first interview from Metro Broadcast Corporation show (勁爆樂勢力). He said: “Time passes quickly on my wedding day. How I wish we can extend our wedding party for several days.”

Fred was recalled of being the first person to have tears during his wedding ceremony: “I do not expect to cry when exchanging marriage vows. In fact, the love confession during the game is written by Stephanie Ho (何雁詩). My mind is blank when reading the confession and I wish to remember every second on that day.

When the host asked about the most difficult period during his career as his new song (絕地火星車) illustrated about dreams and ups and downs, Fred responded emotionally: “At the time, it is hard to control my mood when reading many negative news. Fortunately, Stephanie is there for me. I usually prefer to record song at the studio by myself but decide to invite Stephanie this time, as I have something from the lyrics to tell her.”