Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) is rumoured to film TVB new drama (兒科醫生) with a remuneration, $3 million in Hong Kong this year. After getting married, she relocates to Canada and gives birth to 2 children.

Other than watching her on-screen appearances, we can see Linda on YouTube. Lately, she appears to transform into key influencer and upload a latest video related to using trampoline lasted for 10 minutes. Linda said: “We must be hardworking in order to keep fit. After becoming a mother, I focus on maintaining my body figure and decide to share this exercise with everybody today. Let me introduce my good friend, trampoline as it is good for knees and detox the body. Hence, I will have trampoline in Hong Kong and Canada. Please watch this video if you are interested to try it together with me. It is known as “silly Linda Chung’s style” and let’s have fun together!”