Ms Hong Kong Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡) used to work as a nurse in Scotland and it is the first time for her to celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong. Once during Christmas, she was at the operation theatre and was given day off most of the time: “We have ice-cream for breakfast, followed by watching films and opening presents during Christmas in Scotland. I will have dinner with my family at night.”

Lisa had not made plans for Christmas as her parent will travel to Hong Kong in next January. She might have a celebration with her grandparent and cousins: “I am single for 3 to 4 years and leave it to destiny. During schooling days, I focus on my studies and have no suitors now. Perhaps it is because I am poor in Cantonese and less sensitive.”

When mentioned about Maria Cordero’s (肥媽) husband Rick passed away due to illness, Lisa replied she had sent her regards to her: “My tears come down upon watching her video online. I wish to show her concern and hopefully she will calm down soon.”