Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍) and Blossom Chan (陳熙蕊) rehearsed for TVB Anniversary Gala Show (萬千星輝賀台慶) on 12th November. Rebecca is experienced in ballet and Chinese dance and will be challenging K-Pop and Hip Hop this time. She said: “I have been practising it lately. After wrapping up Flying Tiger 3 (飛虎之壯志英雄) drama, I take a break and begin to fall in love with dancing programs. I did go for hip hop classes but worried about dancing on the stage. Hence, I must work harder.”

As for Rosita and Blossom, they will be performing Chinese dance and feeling happy to work together and exchange knowledge. Rosita said: “I used to perform Chinese dancing and continue to practise at home, in order to memorise the steps.”