TVB anniversary drama Legal Mavericks II (踩過界II) starring Vincent Wong (王浩信), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) and Owen Cheung (張振朗) is currently broadcasting. Ali Lee (李佳芯) acted as Never is taken out and replaced by Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) who plays Eva in the series. Due to similar pronunciation, the audiences believe Eva is Never’s replacement. In fact, the film producer Lam Chi Wah (林志華) had predicted it and emphasised Never and Eva were two different people: “The audiences love to watch seductive and beautiful stuff. Kelly definitely has this capability to play this role well.”

Initially, Chi Wah was worried about Kelly’s Cantonese due to lengthy dialogues. However, she spoke Cantonese fluently at the set. He said: “She prepares her homework and I am happy with her performance. Kelly plays a cool lawyer well and it surprises me. (Jessica Kan (簡淑兒) acted as Vincent’s disciple and her acting skills is criticised?) I will not think that way. Every artiste will do their part well and I decide to approach Jessica as her personality resembles the role.”

When mentioned that the audiences loved to watch Vincent and Owen’s performances in Legal Mavericks (踩過界) and AI Cappuccino (反黑路人甲), Chi Wah requested them to show different feelings this time: “They really try their best and it is better than the first season. They treat each other as family despite not blood related and I give them “A” for their performances.” He added Vincent and Owen conversed at the set endlessly and it turned out they were discussing their roles.