On 24th November, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) signed the marriage papers at a luxurious mansion in a low-key manner. Subsequently, both accepted an interview and kissed together in front of the reporters.

Benjamin disclosed they did not play games and the main point was Chinese tea ceremony and signing papers at the law firm. It was a simple wedding ceremony and they invited their relatives and friends including Joel Chan (陳山聰), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Pal Sinn (單立文), Brian Tse (謝東閔) and Jazz Lam (林子善). Boanne Cheung (張寶欣) was the bridesmaid and Ashley Chu (朱智賢) was in the sisters group. Benjamin admitted he felt nervous and was the first one to have tears, while Bowie pointed it was her first time to see him behaving in this manner.

Benjamin said again: “I feel touched upon seeing my father-in-law comes down together with Bowie. (Your wedding speech?) I mention about our first meeting at a grassland and appreciate her for tolerating and trusting me for the past 3 years. I feel overjoyed that Bowie accompanies me even during the difficult times and decide to marry her after 3 years later.” Bowie clarified her husband was not a wilful man but wished to fulfil his dreams only.

Asking if it was a headache to prepare the wedding during virus period, Benjamin said: “Yes. There are some problems and we hope everything will run smoothly today. Hopefully everything will be back to normal next year and we can prepare a wedding banquet. (The problem is related to policemen?) Yes, it is resolved now.”

Checking if it was double prosperity, Bowie smiled and said: “I do not think so since wearing this dress. We plan to enjoy two person world and take it slowly.” Benjamin revealed his wife wished to focus on her career and will establish consensus about their baby plan: “Unless it is an accident. I know our parents are waiting for it though.”

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