Geomancer Li Kui Ming (李居明) invited Nancy Sit (薛家燕), Elena Kong (江美儀) and Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) to shoot a film (大運同行) at an old gigantic sailing ship. Kui Ming predicted the propitious star governing marriages will happen to Nancy next year: “It can refers to her fans and they will increase their supports for her next year. In 2019, Nancy and I disguise as key influencers to discuss about zodiac signs in the following year in a video. Many people watch it and we plan to discuss about artistes’ careers and political affairs this year.”

When mentioned about the artistes failed to wear face masks at TVB Anniversary Gala Show on 19th November, Nancy explained she wore it at makeup room and before entering into studio room, and during commercial times: “We measure our body temperature and the staff keep applying sanitisers. Hence, it is considered safe.”

As Kui Ming predicted Kelly will get married and have children within 5 years, she smiled sweetly and admitted about having suitors. She showed his photo to Kui Ming and both were currently at an understanding stage. Kelly said: “I wait for 6 years. The master predicts I will have good luck in next 5 years and must grab the opportunity. The most amazing part is he could even predict my wedding date and I will give birth to a baby boy, if trying in the afternoon. He also reminds me to wear red lingeries or tops to increase my luck.”