The Legend of Xiao Chuo (燕雲台) starring Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) playing the legendary Empress Xiao Chuo is currently broadcasting. Despite that, she met a powerful opponent, Wang Churan (王楚然) who bedazzled the king successfully. She became a consort and was pregnant which led Tiffany in tears: “The most difficult to guess in the world in the heart and it becomes part of your conspiracy which cause people to detest you!”

In Serenade of Peaceful Joy (清平樂) drama, Churan acted as Wang Kai’s (王凱) favourite consort who appeared domineering but looked fragile in The Legend of Xiao Chuo. During an interview, Tiffany evaluated her own performance and pointed she felt helpless in many situations in the drama: “I feel heart pain for Yanyan during the filming and hope she follows her heart to make choices.”

In addition, Tiffany disclosed she watched the series but not the latest episode. When mentioned about the netizens’ comments, she said: “I accept all comments and will listen if reasonable. (The netizens pointed you are a domineering “queen” at the grassland upon making an appearance?) Yes, I am the one who falls down.” She confessed the plot attracted her and bought 4 novels and read it immediately.