Grace Chan (陳凱琳) is a mother of 2 sons and appeared at Ngong Ping 360 a few days ago. She plans to celebrate green Christmas with her family.

Grace said: “We are not travelling this year. Initially, we plan to go for staycation and I feel like taking my family to Ngong Ping Village once reaching here. It is peaceful and we can enjoy the nature together. My second son has been staying at home since born, other than going for injections. We can breathe fresh air and celebrate green Christmas.”

When asked about Christmas gifts, Grace replied: “Their health are the most important. I plan to take them to Ngong Ping Village in next month. (What about Christmas presents?) I leave it to my husband.”

In 2013, Grace returned to Hong Kong after graduating in Canada and participated in Ms Hong Kong Pageant. She was crowned the champion and it turned out she went to Ngong Ping 360 with her parent, before the interview. After 7 years later, Grace went there again and felt it was familiar: “My identity changes. During the first visit, I stay with my parent and got married in subsequent visit.”