Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) uploads video on YouTube occasionally. In the video this time, she wears aerobic costume which is popular in 1980s and invites her good friend Andy Lin (林子超) for “Aerobic Challenge”. Linda calls herself as “Lindi Baby”.

Andy and Linda followed the dancers on television and danced aerobic together. Initially, she was energetic and disclosed she loved aerobic since little, but started to feel tired and her belly felt slightly painful. Eventually, she failed to raise her head and had to stop and needed to call for an “ambulance”.

After resting for a short while, Linda and Andy resumed the dancing. She laughed and said: “I feel like I am giving birth to a baby. I do not think about other stuff and definitely can do it. It is the same when I was giving birth and reached the finishing point, after taking a glance.” In the final stage, Linda had given up and told Andy to complete it by himself. She stood behind him to give her supports and did push-up and sit-up with him after that.

Linda posted an online message: “I love aerobic since little and there is no way for me to turn back ever since. Today, I am taking everybody back to 1980s and go for “Aerobic Challenge”. I must share this happy news with everyone and decide to invite my “junior” Andy Lin to dance together. We take it seriously and try to dance aerobic as correctly as possible. I even feel like giving birth to a baby and please watch my video.”