3 years ago, TV Queen Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and movie queen Nina Paw (鮑起靜) collaborated in TVB drama The Unholy Alliance (同盟). On 29th November, Nancy showed their photo and posted a message on Instagram: “Wow! Nina visits us at the set! I feel elated and look forward to work together again. We film too little scenes together previously and it is insufficient for me. Hope everything runs smoothly! #Nina is very cute #hence everyone likes you”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20201129/1606634295534/3%e5%b9%b4%e5%89%8d%e5%90%88%e4%bd%9c%e6%8b%8d%e3%80%8a%e5%90%8c%e7%9b%9f%e3%80%8b-%e8%83%a1%e5%ae%9a%e6%ac%a3%e7%9b%bc%e8%b7%9f%e9%ae%91%e5%a7%90%e5%86%8d%e5%90%88%e4%bd%9c-%e4%b8%8a%e6%ac%a1%e5%94%94%e5%a4%a0%e5%96%89