Andy Lau (劉德華) is currently filming new movie, Find Your Voice (熱血合唱團) with Lowell Lo (盧冠廷), Hugo Ng (吳岱融) and Rachel Lee (李麗珍). Andy plays a music teacher and is almost knocked down by Hugo’s vehicle in heavy downpour. He wrapped up the scene after more than 10 takes without any complaints and shared his knowledge with other actors.

In order to create fake rain on that day, the staff used many water hoses and the scene illustrated Andy tried to beg Hugo who acted as a principal to allow his team to participate in a singing competition during heavy downpour. He then used his body to block the car when Hugo was about to drive off. During the discussion, Hugo explained to the film director that the heavy rain affected his visibility and Andy was nearly knocked down in one of the scenes.

Subsequently, Andy was completely drenched especially with strong wind and needed to drink ginger tea to make himself warm. He told other actors that he specially wore diving suit for that scene and said: “Remember to wear diving suit and sit down to make you feel warm.”