Former Ms Hong Kong Grace Chan (陳凱琳) focuses on managing her beauty products business with key influencer “snow aunt” (雪姨), after marrying Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and having 2 sons. Lately, both played questions and answers section and Grace imitated Kevin’s classic expressions in A Fistful of Stances (鐵馬尋橋) drama and advertisements.

When mentioned about playing bungee jumping to raise charity drive previously, Grace described it resembled to jumping down from the building and dared not try it again: “Although I am not crying, but I feel terrified and it is suffering. At the time, I agree as it helps to raise money after jumping.” Snow aunt said: “Tell me next time and I will raise money instead.” Grace replied pitifully: “Yes, those people are crazy and will only donate money after jumping.”

Grace added she was dissatisfied with herself in terms of lower chin, teeth, long neck and fingernails resembling 3 year old kid: “I will not bring my mobile phone when feeling furious so nobody can find me.” Finally, she was recalled of her role in Captain of Destiny (張保仔) series: “The kids will always call me as Cheung Po Tsai’s sister whenever outside and I will deny it every time.”