Moses Chan (陳豪) and his wife Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) attended an insurance activity together on 7th December. When asked if both earned additional income as a couple, he said: “Please do not say that. We feel grateful to have work during these difficult period of times and it is rare for my wife to meet everybody. I reject 2 events because of the virus earlier. (Lots of work for yourself?) Please refrain from saying that. The economy is very poor now and I even cancel the opening ceremony for my cafe. (The gathering restriction affects your business?) Only 2 people can sit at the same table and fortunately, everyone follows the rules.”

Moses disclosed they called for food delivery most of the time and Aimee needed to act as a tutor for her children as the schools were closed. She said: “He is busy filming drama and I need to teach them Mandarin, but they pointed it is not as good as Moses. I will not act smart but try to encourage and give them confidence.”

Checking if his cafe earned lots of sales revenues during the virus period, Moses replied he had not made any calculations and everyone was trying to fight for survival: “I cherish all work opportunities. Hopefully the virus will end soon and we will overcome all obstacles together. (Reduce your remuneration in order to have work?) Yes, I am open to any work liaising.”