Chinese drama, Invisible Life (這就是生活) starring Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Chen Duling (陳都靈) is currently airing. It is a city love romance and Hawick looks young despite at 46 year old. Although Duling is only 27 year old, but both played a couple and it is obvious they establish great rapports as rumours are circulating during the shooting. In recent years, pairing a middle-aged uncle with young girl as a couple in the drama seems to appeal to the audiences and let’s explore the reasons together.

Hawick has been developing his acting career in Mainland China and the reason behind for playing male lead until now is related to Chinese girls’ expectations towards their partners. Men in mid forties are perceived to be more mature and have stable career than young guys. Most importantly, they look younger than their actual age and remain healthy. Hence, it is one of the reasons that young actors no longer play the male leads.

Invisible Life series illustrated a love story between a middle-aged man and young girl whom were superior and subordinate in the company. It involved arguments and the couple tied the knot eventually. Hawick acted as a workaholic and had conflicts with Duling, and it gave fertile imaginations to female audiences. Subsequently, both got married, had baby and begun to quarrel over minor stuff. Finally, they reconciled and the plot appealed to the audiences successfully. After filing for divorce with Yang Mi (楊冪), Hawick is rumoured to develop feelings for Duling and their fans give their blessings. It looks like appearance is an important factor to determine the success of the series.