Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) is a highly respected veteran actress in show business and perceived as one of the “precious treasures” (鎮台之寶) in TVB. Recently, rumours related to Stephen Chow (周星馳) was insulted by Carol during her prime years have been circulating. At the time, he asked her if he will become famous one day but Carol replied that a nobody will never become a male lead and both became enemies for many years as a result.

After several years later, Carol made a clarification that she admired Stephen who hosted 430 Space Shuttle (430穿梭機) program at a radio show (口水多過浪花) earlier. She said: “This handsome man looks interesting. He has different ways of expressing himself and makes people cry. Hence, I invite him to participate in a film and we shoot several scenes together. Sometimes, we even chat together and I must rebut since gossips begin to surface.”

Hence, Carol felt she was wrongly accused and said: “Once at the set, he asks me if he should continue his acting career and somebody might overheard it and create some rumours. You should know me and I will never say something negative. I remember I told him he is full of potential and encourage him to work hard. He is very good and I am clueless about the gossips.”

Finally, Carol continued in a furious tone: “The magazine should conduct an interview and I feel it is a coward behaviour. At least, they should do a fact check. Anyway, it is fake news and please stop putting words in my mouth.” She added Stephen agreed to participate in a TVB charity show so as to meet up with her.