39-year-old Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) signed a separation agreement with her ex-husband Michael Lai (賴弘國) in May, after tying the knot for more than a year. According to the information, the agreement will end on 28th February and there is less than 80 days before an official divorce. During an interview a few days ago, Gillian was adamant that there was no chance of reconciliation with Michael: “I will not be marrying again.”

Gillian said: “Forget it since I was married once! I prefer to stay single as a married life is unsuitable for me.” When mentioned if their divorce was related to rumours about Michael was unmotivated and going to pubs at night, Gillian did not respond directly but admit to keeping in contact during the separation period: “I feel comfortable to remain as friends.”

Gillian added she will not accept any new romance until ending her relationship with Michael completely: “I will only look forward to new stuff after ending it.” She also dismissed about dating Chinese young man (余衍隆).

Apparently, Gillian “frozen” her eggs and emphasised about having a baby with her true love previously. Her mother wished to become a grandmother but was disappointed and Gillian’s top priority was her career.

Mentioning about her injury at a hotel in Mainland China in September, Gillian replied she did not expect it to be serious and was not worried about her appearance: “It is alright. I am not a normal actress.” It shows she is taking it lightly.

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