TVB drama Hong Kong Love Stories (香港愛情故事) starring Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) is currently airing and she shared her love history during an interview.

Since joining the industry, Katy has endless rumours with Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀), James Ng (吳業坤), Sammy Sum (沈震軒) and a wealthy heir, Bryan from Malaysia last year. She confessed to dating Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) for 2 years and refused to depend on men in a relationship, because of her family background and failed relationships. Katy also disclosed her old love hit her.

Based on understanding, Katy’s former boyfriend pushed her to the door and her waist was hurt by the door knob. However, she feared loneliness and dared not break up with him. Finally, Katy rejected and wanted to be financial independent when another ex-boyfriend requested her to cohabit and stop working.