Although 36-year-old Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) is busy filming TVB new drama (兒科醫生), but she uses her free time to build her own YouTube channel. On 16th December, Linda played “16 Years Old Challenge” which reminded her of the talent section in Ms Hong Kong Pageant 16 years ago. She said: “I assume I will be sitting down with everyone in a relaxing manner but the production team manages to find my top hidden under the bed and force me to play “16 Years Old Challenge”. Hopefully nobody will find me fat and laugh at me.”

As Linda remains very fit, it is not a problem for her to wear her old clothes again. She disclosed the clothes were sewed by her mother and recalled of the beautiful memories with her parent. Linda then played with hula hoop in different poses and it is obvious that it is an easy exercise to her.

Although Linda failed to make a perfect performance, but she enjoyed the process: “I feel it is suffering initially and could only remember some steps. Anyway, I enjoy the process and please do not laugh, judge or complain I am old.” Finally, Linda won compliments for her beauty and fit body figure.