After returning to Hong Kong from Australia, TV King Moses Chan (陳豪) works as a model for Esprit in his twenties and joins TVB in 2000. A few days ago, myTVSUPER broadcasted an interesting interview with Moses through YouTube.

In the video, Moses was recalled of filming movies and did not have any dreams of becoming a celebrity: “I start to lose interest in modelling and wish to explore acting. I was unemployed for 6 months.”

As a result, it gave him chances to upgrade his acting skills and Moses said: “I have done everything that I can. I try to pronounce fluently, practise my expressions, record and watch playback of my own performances. I also watch around 35 to 40 drama per week to improve my acting skills.” Moses is indeed a hardworking actor as he watches around 960 films based on the calculation for 6 months.

Subsequently, Moses realised his hard work was not wasted and said: “At the set, the vision of that scene appears naturally. I decide to join TVB to seek for better opportunities and it resembles to training at Shaolin Temple.”

In addition, Moses remembered the interview at TVB: “At the time, I was shooting The Legend of Speed (烈火戰車2極速傳) film and look refined in a suit, despite in golden hair. Catherina Tsang (曾勵珍) begins to take note of me because of this role. She pointed I look like a gentleman and decides to invite me to join TVB.”