Hera Chan (陳曉華) is rumoured to date MIRROR group member, Ian Chan (陳卓賢) secretly. Ian is pointed to fetch her in his vehicle and take her out for dinner. However, his manager dismissed it and clarified Ian was not the driver.

Subsequently, Hera is “attacked” by Ian’s fans whom told her to let him off and unworthy of his love. Initially, she ignored it but emphasised she was single when replying to Ming Pao (明報). Hera denied Ian was the person in the photo and said: “I am currently single. We are friends and he is not the person in the photo. You are mistaken.” Finally, she rejected to reply other questions.

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20201218/1608284009263/%e5%82%b3%e7%a7%98%e6%88%80%e9%81%adian%e7%b2%89%e7%b5%b2%e5%9c%8d%e6%94%bb-%e9%99%b3%e6%9b%89%e8%8f%af%e8%bd%89%e5%8f%a3%e9%a2%a8-%e6%88%91%e7%9b%ae%e5%89%8d%e4%bb%8d%e7%84%b6%e4%bf%82%e5%96%ae%e8%ba%ab