On 26th December, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) was invited to a concert (FAN嚴選&JLV海心沙巨星演唱會) with other guests such as Wang Leehom (王力宏) and Wang Feng (汪峰). Based on the information, she sang Kinko Cheung’s (張麗瑾) song (留給最愛的說話) and her own song (星語星願), and received a high remuneration.

Before singing, Cecilia explained she lost her voice and did not go for any rehearsal: “Thank you very much. It is better that I speak Mandarin. Thank you for your understanding.”

As it has been some time since Cecilia makes a public appearance, she performs quite badly and relies on lip-sync from the beginning. Subsequently, Cecilia decided to sing live: “I know I sing badly but will try my best to sing the whole song to everybody.” During the performance, she loses her voice and sings off key. She then made repeated apologies: “I cannot stop laughing. I join the industry from 18 year old and it is the first time that I sing this song at 40 year old. Recently, I am busy with a show and do not care about other comments, as it is important to treat audiences with sincerity. I can give you a microphone but insist to complete the whole performance. Hope you can feel my passion and thank you for the understanding.”

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