Samantha Ko’s (高海寧) popularity and workload are increased after making a cameo appearance in Chinese drama, Nothing But Thirty (三十而已). Recently, she is filming series in Beijing and arranged to live in a suite at a hotel. Samantha also uploaded many photos of her hotel room and delicious food on RED.

As an artiste, it is important to keep fit but Samantha is a food lover and loves to try delicious food in different countries. On that day, she shared a video of herself eating Hong Kong dim sum, buns, fried sausages, glutinous rice cakes, zhajiangmian, dumplings, red bean buns and shaobing in restaurants and food stalls. Samantha posted an online message: “I finally get to go out with my friend to try delicious food in Beijing this time and accidentally gain 5kg. Anyway, I will try to lose weight after that.” In the photo, her face looks slightly round.

Many netizens praised Samantha was cute and had good fashion sense. Some netizen asked about the brand and a similar design of the blue scarf costs $19.90 in Taobao. Hence, Samantha could become a fashion trendsetter by wearing affordable brands.