88-year-old Lee Heung Kam (李香琴) passed away on 4th January. During an interview in Scoop (東張西望) show, her daughter, Siu Ji Wan (蕭紫筠) disclosed Heung Kam was diagnosed with dementia and mild Parkinson’s disease: “She has been taking medicine for the past 10 years. The doctor said she will become a forgetful person gradually and her condition worsens around a month ago. We hire a nurse and maid whom help her to take a shower, cut fingernails, eat medicine and paste this morning. Suddenly, Heung Kam stops eating it and falls asleep. We take her to the hospital and she has passed away when the doctor comes out after 15 minutes later. We dote on Heung Kam very much and feel very upset. I also console my friends and told them to take it easy, as Heung Kam passed away peacefully.”

Finally, Heung Kam’s goddaughter, Jaime Chik (戚美珍) responded to the media: “Heung Kam went to the heaven! I will remember and miss her forever! Mother, I feel grateful that we know each other and please rest in peace.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210104/1609765281182/%e7%90%b4%e5%a7%90%e9%9b%a2%e4%b8%96-%e6%9d%8e%e9%a6%99%e7%90%b4%e5%a5%b3%e5%85%92%e8%95%ad%e7%b4%ab%e7%ad%a0%e7%a8%b1%e5%aa%bd%e5%aa%bd%e8%b5%b0%e5%be%97%e5%ae%89%e8%a9%b3