In 2019, Samantha Ko (高海寧) rose to fame overnight after making a cameo appearance in Chinese drama, Nothing but Thirty (三十而已). Her acting skills is recognised and fanbase on Weibo is increased as well.

Hence after wrapping up TVB new series (七公主), Samantha travels to Beijing to film a micro movie (Tan Tan害我分了手) as the female lead and the film producer is the same as Nothing but Thirty drama. She is also arranged to stay in a hotel suite and receives privileges as an “A” grade actress.

Although the film (Tan Tan害我分了手) is wrapped up in last November, but Samantha continues to stay in Beijing and accept many stage performances, variety and live shows. Based on the information, she was paid a high remuneration at 6 digit. A couple of days ago, Samantha announced she will be selling goods on Tik Tok from 5th January onward and TV King Vincent Wong (王浩信) has to record a video to show his support. In conclusion, Samantha is quite impressive as her career reaches a high peak in China within several months.