TVB is currently rebroadcasting an old drama, The Last Breakthrough (天涯俠醫) starring Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮), Raymond Lam (林峯), Nick Cheung (張家輝), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Candy Lo (盧巧音) and Andrew Lin (連凱) at midnight. Hence, it reminded the audiences about the location shooting at East Africa and Guangxi.

On 4th December, Sonija shared an old photo forwarded by Andrew and posted an online message: “It is more than 10 years ago and I nearly forget about it. I remember we visited waterfall and went to East Africa together and it is indeed unforgettable memories. Andrew, thank you for sending this photo and it is not trendy to use mobile phone to take photos at the time 😆 #the last breakthrough #East Africa #waterfall #young #memories #friends”